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Children's Ministries


Located in the back of the church sanctuary. The nursery is designed for newborn children young children along with speaker system for parents to hear church service. We encourage children to be present in church but also offer a quite space for parents who want to be able to relax with their small ones.



Sunday school teachers use lectionary bible study to pull from through variety of activities such art, music and storytelling this helps to reaches beyond Sunday morning. This class meets at 10 a.m. and is led by Tina Mangrum and Margaret Givens and is located on the first floor of the Parish Hall where the nursery located.



Our multi-age curriculum of the lectionary guide brings together learners from ages eight to twelve to explore and connect with our faith stories. Designed to encourage cooperative learning across a wide age range, children will explore scripture through storytelling, art, music and a variety of activities that appeal to various learning styles. This class meets at 10 a.m. and is led by Margaret Givens and Tina Mangrum located on the second floor of the Parish Hall. ​



This summer Dickson First Presbyterian Church will host night VBS. This is a three-day event in July that we use to serve our children and those in our community. VBS takes a host of volunteers and there are opportunities big and small. Check out our calendar for time and dates.



In the September we use this time to reconnect with nature at NaCoMe Presbyterian Church Camp in Pleasantville, Tennessee. During this is two day retreat we have families come together share verity of fun activities and fellowship. We have children explore God’s world with arts and crafts, nature walks and just fun in the fresh clean air. On the last day we have church service at the chapel on the hill at the camp grounds.